DSCVR is a pioneering platform at the intersection of social media and Web3, redefining how we engage with content, communities, and cryptocurrencies. It revolutionizes the way users explore their interests, create content, and participate in tokenized communities. With a user-friendly interface and a robust crypto infrastructure, DSCVR introduces walletless airdrops, tipping, gating, and more, seamlessly merging the realms of social interaction and digital assets.
My role
Over eighteen months, I played a pivotal role in redesigning and enhancing a social network's web application. As the company's first designer, I established a design-centric approach, collaborating closely with the founders and development team. This endeavor involved a ground-up redesign of the web application and a comprehensive revamp of the brand's visual identity. I introduced user-friendly features tailored for a non-tech-savvy audience in the web3 environment— the project culminated in developing a robust design system, solidifying the platform's visual consistency.
During my time in the company, we've pioneered many of the new concepts in the web3 industry.
Extensive design system
Supporting services
I developed supporting features like email templates, graphical investor dashboards, landing pages, video presentations, and print banners.
UX and Workshops
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